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Busting Myths: Is Protein Powder Safe When you’re Expecting?

protein powder for pregnancy

Hi there! First things first, Congratulations!!! It’s not an easy job bringing a new life into this world, we wish you the best of luck, and we aim to help you throughout the process. We hear that you want to know if it is safe to have protein powder in pregnancy…

Let’s get right at it.

You need protein when you’re carrying the little life because now you not only have to look out for your own health but the baby’s too.

While your family might have all the desi totkas to help you during this process, we want you to research and get behind the science of everything too.

protein powder for pregnancy

And before you leave thinking protein powder is harmful to women, read this article of ours where we’ve explained otherwise.

How much protein?

Why protein powder?

Is protein powder even safe?

How much Protein do you need during Pregnancy?

Let’s first discuss what do you need the protein for:

When there’s another life brewing inside you and protein is one of the building blocks for it.

While an average woman needs around 40 to 45 grams of protein per day, a pregnant woman needs 70 to even 100 grams of protein per day!

And here’s why,

Amino Acids make protein, and they are responsible for building the muscles, skin, hair, and fingernails of the baby.

This skyrockets the protein needs of the baby and the mother, especially in the third trimester.

While many mothers switch their diet when they start expecting (rightfully so), what they do not realize is that they need to increase their protein intake too.

If you’re having trouble with this, here’s a free protein calculator, input your activity, age, trimester and see how much protein you actually need to consume.

And spoiler alert, the need for protein will increase as you start breastfeeding eventually, so you need to save yourself from a deficiency.

Getting less protein than required can lead to weight loss, muscle fatigue, frequent infections, and fluid retention. 

Severe Protein deficiency during pregnancy can even lead to a miscarriage (Source).

The takeaway here is to just take enough protein to fulfill your and your baby’s needs.

Why Protein Powder?

Our desi diets, unfortunately, do not have this much protein. And that leaves two options for you.

You can either switch the diet to protein-rich foods like nuts, eggs, and yogurt.

Nausea can be a problem down this route though, so look out for that.


You can just go for a protein shake.

But is Protein Powder Safe in Pregnancy?

Yes, protein powder is safe in pregnancy.

A protein powder is highly refined protein, packed into a sachet, so there’s nothing making it unsafe (See how Whey Protein is made). 

As we say, Protein Powder is nothing more than the best parts of milk.


Lots of protein powders out there have added herbs, minerals, vitamins, and yk stuff that can be harmful to you.

Similarly, many protein powders come flavored in the packet, the flavor can have caffeine or sugars that may not suit you.

And Pakistani market suffers from “2 numberee” too, so 🙃.

This doesn’t mean you have to stay away from all the protein powders though.

You can just read the reviews and nutrition label when buying it!

Our Unflavored Hyper Whey Concentrate is the perfect protein powder for pregnancy btw, and we’ll tell you why.

It has High-Quality 24g protein per serving, with no added soy, sugars, or anything.

Cherry on top: It’s unflavored, whenever you feel like the flavor will give you nausea, drink it unflavored.

But remember, Whey Protein is dairy based, so if you’re lactose intolerant, don’t go this route. Rather use alternatives to get your protein (But do get the protein pls 🙂).

And, before you make any decision, it’s wise to find a good doctor and consult them.

Take-Home Message

What you are doing is carrying a whole life, not only the baby’s life but your own. Pakistan has a lot of stereotypes, and the desi diet is a mess, it’s up to you to keep yourself and the baby healthy. We believe in researching and knowing everything to make the best and most informed decisions.

So, yes you need a lot of protein in pregnancy, and protein powders are a great way to do that. Choose the right powder and you can give the baby and yourself proper nutritional care.

Remember to treat the powder as a supplement, map out all your protein intake, and then consume the protein shake.

You are carrying the future of Pakistan, so stay safe and make sure to teach that kid all the proper values, so they can do great things with great health!

Stay Safe, and Congrats Again!

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