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The Untold Truth Behind Protein Powder For Women.

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Is Protein Powder for women?” Ask any other desi Shagufta and this is what she’ll probably tell you…

“Array yeh tum kiya kar rahi ho protein lay kar?” (What’re you doing taking protein powder as a woman?)

“Yeh gym waghaira sirf mardoun kay liye hota hay” (This gym stuff is only for men.)

“Protein lo gi tow tumhaaray bhi mardoun jaisi body ban jaey gi”. (If you take protein, you’re going to end up having a bulky man body)

Aunty Shagufta, PHD Phuppo-ism

The fact is that the idea of a female joining the gym and following a protein-rich diet comes across as pretty odd in our desi culture.

Despite the growing popularity of protein powders, there are still many misconceptions surrounding their use, especially among women.

Let’s divide this article into 2 parts.

Misconceptions about Protein Powder For Women?

So why do people believe that women shouldn’t use protein powder? The answer is largely rooted in myths and misconceptions about protein and muscle building. Many people believe that taking protein powder and going to the gym will make women big and “bulky” like men.

But in reality, building muscle is a process that requires MUCH more than just a protein supplement. Women naturally do not have the hormonal balance required to build muscle at the same rate as men.

Let us explain.

Women are not able to build muscle like men due to differences in hormone levels. Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for muscle growth and repair. Men naturally have higher levels of testosterone than women. As a result, they’re able to build muscle faster and more easily than women. Additionally, women also have a smaller amount of muscle mass to start with, which makes it more challenging for them to build muscle.

That said, women can still build muscle, it just takes a little more time and effort. Meaning that even if a woman were to take protein powder as a supplement, it wouldn’t make her bulky all of a sudden. It would still take a lot of hard work and dedication in the gym to see any noticeable changes in muscle size.

The Benefits Of Protein Powder For Women

It is perfectly OKAY for women to use protein powder.

Protein not only helps in building and maintaining muscle mass but is also essential for  supporting healthy skin, hair, and bones. Women who exercise regularly, especially those who participate in resistance training, may benefit from increased protein intake to support their fitness goals.

Our desi diets generally do not fulfill the recommended protein requirements. We have foods that are swimming in oil and fats but lack enough protein. This can be a problem if you’re trying to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Protein powders can help fill this protein deficit. Doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman.

However, it’s important for women to be careful when using protein powders. Just like with any supplement, it’s important to choose high-quality products that are free from harmful additives and contaminants.

As a quick rule of thumb, go for one which has minimal ingredients and is a high quality source of protein. A great choice would be our very own Hyper WPC 80.

In addition, women should also make sure to pair their protein powder with a balanced diet that includes plenty of whole foods, vegetables, and healthy fats. Taking a scoop, or even a tub of protein powder WON’T make you bulky like a man. It’s important to treat protein powders like a supplement, and not like a secret ingredient that is magically going to make your muscles explode.

Take-Home Message

In conclusion, protein powders can be an immensely valuable tool for women who are looking to support their fitness goals and improve their overall health. By separating fact from fiction, women can make informed decisions about their protein intake and reap the many benefits of using protein powder.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or simply looking to improve your overall health, protein powders can be a convenient and effective way to increase your protein intake. Just remember to choose high-quality products and pair them with a balanced diet to see the best results.

We realize that in Pakistan, the myths and misconceptions behind taking protein are massive. Therefore we’ve taken it upon ourselves to answer all of your questions and concerns on our blog. So keep an eye out for future posts too!

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