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Whey Protein For Weight Loss- Does It Really Help?

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While protein powders are famous for their muscle-building capacity, the fact that people are using them for weight loss is a bit concerning. So, what’s the story behind using whey protein for weight loss?

Whey protein can suppress hunger and help burn calories. For weight loss, you can use it as a snack or meal replacement, or consume a whey protein shake before exercise. However, there is still limited evidence regarding whey protein and weight loss.

Now, let’s look into the details of whether whey protein is useful for weight loss. We will also check what ways we can use whey protein to reach your weight loss goals. 

Can whey protein help in weight loss?

whey protein

So, the search comes down to one question.

Does whey protein really help you lose weight?

Well, it can help you lose weight if you use whey protein the right way. Whey protein has properties that can help burn calories and promote weight loss.

 A study conducted on obese people stated that whey supplementation helped obese people in weight loss.

However, there is still limited evidence, and the exact effect of whey protein supplementation on weight loss needs to be studied further. 

How whey protein helps in weight loss

Now, let’s study the capabilities of whey protein that make it a good supplement for people who want to manage or lose weight.

Whey protein suppresses hunger

The main reason why people drink whey protein shakes during their weight loss journey is due to their satiety.

As whey protein suppresses hunger, it makes you feel full for a long time. Consuming a whey protein shake will help you keep control of your eating habits. Especially when combined with a milk base, whey protein powder can suppress hunger for several hours.

In a study conducted in 2015, women consumed a high-protein breakfast and noticed that they consumed fewer calories the rest of the day. This study highlights the importance of including protein in your diet.

Whey protein burns fat

People who want to burn fat also consume whey protein. 

Protein powder gives energy and boosts metabolism. That is why most people consume it before working out. With this increased metabolism, you can do more exercise and burn fat. Also, you gain muscle mass.

In this way, whey protein powder is helpful in burning calories and fat by increasing your metabolism.

Tips to use whey protein for weight loss

It’s true that protein itself has great properties that can help you lose weight. However, whey protein specifically has limited research, and that is why you need to be aware of its effects before using it as a weight loss supplement.

Here are some ideas on how you can use whey protein as a weight-loss supplement.

Pre- or post-workout

Consuming a protein shake before or after a workout is the best option. 

Most gym-goers have their protein shake at this time

By combining your protein shake intake with an intense workout, you gain muscles and burn calories. These burned calories further help in making you lose weight. 

Before going outside

If you’re going outside for food, having your protein shake beforehand will help you stay full. In this way, you will not eat much food outside, and keep your hunger in control.

However, you need to make sure that the protein shake itself has calories too, and therefore, this technique might be more beneficial in weight management.

As a snack replacement

Drinking a protein shake is better than eating snacks in the afternoon. In fact, the protein shake might contain fewer calories than those snacks that aren’t that fulfilling either.

When you crave snacks in the evening, you can try a protein shake. In this way, your stomach might also stay full, and you eat less food at dinner.

The good news is, you can try new recipes with your protein powder!

As a meal replacement 

People who want to lose weight often consume protein shakes as a meal replacement, although it’s not always recommended to rely on nutritional supplements.

If you often miss breakfast because you’re getting ready for work, you can also have a protein shake as it’s quick to make and keeps you full for most of the day.

However, while consuming protein shakes as a meal replacement, you need to carefully monitor your intake of other essential nutrients, like carbohydrates and fats.

While it’s true that protein powders have carbohydrates and fats, they are usually in less quantity. So, you will need to incorporate other food items that balance your nutritional requirements for the day.

Also, remember that protein powders are a nutritional supplement, and they should not be used in place of actual foods. So, make sure you rely on protein-rich foods first.

Take-away message

The efficacy of protein in weight loss is backed up by several studies. However, there are limited studies on how effective whey protein can be for losing weight.

Still, you can incorporate protein powder in your diet to manage or lose weight. However, you will need to keep a track record to check the actual results.

Also, remember that consuming protein powder alone isn’t enough. You will need to ensure a workout as well to burn calories. Otherwise, the protein shake intake without proper exercise might lead to weight gain.

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