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Beyond the Shake: 6 Exciting Ways to use Protein Powder

Are you tired of drinking the same old protein shake again and again? This means you’re ready to try some new protein powder recipes.

You have landed on the right page today because, we have for you, a list of 6 most delicious protein-packed foods that you can make in your kitchen.

If you want, also check our list of some good pre-workout foods to get an instant energy boost

Now with the following recipes, you’ll not only get a mad crazy energy boost but will also satisfy those taste buds of yours!

Why “Protein Powder” Recipes?

Let’s be straight, if you live in Pakistan, and you want protein in your diet, you have very limited options out there, and most of them are imported.

You may find protein-rich yogurt, milk, and protein bars at a supermarket, but chances are, your wallet will leave empty from there.

But this shouldn’t stop you from leading a healthy and active life (Want tips on where to start?).

You can use your trusty protein powder pack (hopefully it’s us 😉) and make all kinds of stuff. Really get creative with it.

Today’s goal is simple: take your favorite foods, and transform them into protein powerhouses.

One of the best ways to get protein without excessive calories and fats is through a pack of good ol’ protein powder… which also happens to be the ingredient in today’s article. 

So here are your 6 creative protein powder recipes!

Protein Coffee

Protein Ice Cream

Protein Brownie

Protein Lassi

Protein Muffins

Protein Mug Cake

Protein Coffee

If you’re a coffee person, why not give your morning cup of joe a protein boost?

protein powder recipes

Is it safe?

Before your mom comes in and tells you that drinking coffee with protein powder will destroy your stomach or something,  we’re gonna stop you right there.

People have been drinking coffee with milk for ages, so adding protein to your coffee isn’t an alien concept.

Our Recipe

Now that that’s cleared up let’s continue with the 4 simple steps to making you a High-Protein Coffee.

  1. Get your normal ingredients plus some protein powder. Our Unflavored Hyper Whey Protein would actually be the perfect choice here!
  2. Mix a scoop of protein powder with a small amount of hot water to create a thick paste.
  3. Add it to your coffee along with your sweetener and milk. 
  4. Stir till it’s fine like you 😉 and voila! A protein-packed cup of coffee.

Indulge in a protein-packed delight, complemented by the enticing aroma of coffee, and a luxuriously creamy frothy texture. 

There’s truly no better way to kickstart your day!

And hey! If you want to try something different, we found this list of recipes for protein coffee that you may find interesting!

Protein Ice Cream

Yes, you read that right – Protein Ice Cream!

The weather nowadays is just 🙂. 

Let’s just say it’s…perfect for ice cream.

I mean talk about an all-in-one frozen package, get your protein mix, cool down in summer, and enjoy an ice cream before your workout.

Our Recipe

An easy recipe for protein powder based ice cream would be

  1. Blend some frozen bananas, a scoop of protein powder, and a splash of milk until it’s smooth and creamy.
  2. Add some additional mix-ins, such as peanut butter, chocolate chips, or crushed nuts to add flavor and texture if you like.
  3. Blend again.
  4. Transfer the mixture to a safe container and freeze it.

There you have it, possibly the best way to get your protein powder.

Tip: Keep trying out dfferent recipes until you end up with your own signature recipe.

Aaaanndddddd, we can help with that with this recipe 🙂.

Which Protein Powder to use for this recipe?

One important thing we can help you out with here is the kind of protein powder that will go best with this frozen delight.

While any kind of protein powder can make you delicious ice cream, whey protein will make a smoother and creamier ice cream.

This is due to the unique dairy-based composition of whey protein, which exhibits lower moisture absorption, resulting in a creamier texture for your frozen delight.

Again, our HyperWhey is a GREAT option for making this since it comes unflavored. That means you get to choose what flavor you want to add!

 Want to know how whey protein is made? We’ve got a great article that you can check out right here.

Protein Brownie

Enjoying a brownie totally guilt-free… Isn’t that what we all want here? (Yeah, not that brownie 🙂)

Knowing the benefits of protein for your body, it being a powerhouse and all, I think we can agree that a protein brownie is a pretty good way to consume that protein!

protein powder recipes

Our Recipe

Few simple steps, here we go.

  1. Add your protein powder scoop in a bowl, with some cocoa powder, almond flour, baking powder, and a pinch of salt.
  2. Whisk together some coconut oil, eggs, vanilla extract, and a sweetener of your choice in a separate bowl. 
  3. Combine both bowls, mix them together, and fold some chocolate chips in between.
  4. Put the batter into a greased baking dish and bake at about 180°C for 20 minutes.

And there you have it, your guilt-free dessert option that will satisfy your chocolate cravings while giving you a good dose of protein!

Btw, just like the ongoing trend here, here’s another alternate recipe for protein brownies 😊.

Protein Lassi

Picture this: It’s the middle of July, you just came home from a long day at work or school, you are sweating like crazy. You come home, go straight to your kitchen, take your blender out, and make the coldest, healthiest and the most creamy brisk lassi ever, pour it in a glass and finish it up in one huge sip 🤤.

Well let’s make that happen for you.

Our Recipe

Making this delicious and mouthwatering drink is easier than it sounds btw, perhaps the easiest of our protein powder recipes.  

Add the following into a blender and blend the mixture until it gets thick and creamy. 

  • Greek or Plain Yogurt
  • Water 
  • 1 Scoop of Protein Powder (Again, whey protein would work better with its dairy nature)
  • A Sweetener, Honey or Salt (Depends upon whether you like it ‘namkeen’ or ‘meethi’)

And that’s it! Enjoy the thandi thandi lassi.

PS Don’t forget to play with your protein powder’s flavor in between making the high-protein lassi.

Do we need to mention the Unflavored HyperWhey and FlavBursts again? 🙂

Protein Muffins

Here’s another one for our baker audience. You don’t have to stop baking just because you’re on a path to a healthy lifestyle.

Muffins are perhaps the easiest treat that can be transformed into a high-protein snack or breakfast option.

Our Recipe


  1. Combine a scoop of protein powder with some whole wheat flour, baking powder, and a sweetener.
  2. Mix together some mashed bananas, yogurt, eggs, and a splash of milk in another bowl.
  3. Combine the dry and wet ingredients until they’re the same.
  4. Add any other mix-ins if you want to, here.
  5. Pour this batter into muffin tins and bake at 180°C for 20 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.

And don’t hesitate to try out this recipes too, experiment with it and then make your own go-to recipe 😉!

There you go, a quick protein-rich grab-and-go breakfast is ready.

Protein Mug Cake

Why? Well, it requires minimum effort, can be made in a microwave oven, takes minutes to prepare, tastes good, and it’s super healthy!

Part of being healthy is doing something about your cravings that won’t harm your diet plan. As you can notice that has been somewhat of a theme for today’s article and this mug cake would be the perfect fit for said theme.

Our Recipe

It’s super easy to make and requires only 3 main ingredients.

  1. Add protein powder, baking soda, some sweetener, and almond flour in a mug. Add milk or water to create a batter-like consistency.

2. Put the mug in the microwave oven, turn it on. Now, wait until it’s cooked through.

3. take it out, and add toppings.

A good practice here can be rotating flavors of your protein powder.

And yk, just try this one out too 🙂.

Take-Away Message

Incorporating protein powder into your diet doesn’t have to be boring or repetitive. Explore more creative, easy, and efficient recipes for protein powder, and try customizing all your favorite recipes into high-protein healthy recipes.

This article was only to get you started on thinking creatively about your food. There’s a whole world of high-protein food beyond your shaker bottle, the idea is to stay healthy and not compromise on taste.

And just remember the most important message for today: Don’t destroy the kitchen while doing all this, we don’t want to take the blame when your mom starts asking questions 🥲.

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