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6 Wallet-Friendly High Protein Foods to Power Your Gains

We get it, protein powder isn’t cheap. We wrote a whole article about it (Read Here), but onto the solutions: High-Protein foods. 

After the enormous electric bill, you can’t make room for protein powder on your budget. 

While we do recommend you stick to a trusty protein powder (Like ours 😉) to build those muscles…

We get your situation here. 

“Aap ne ghabraana nahi hai”. 

We’ve compiled the best protein-rich foods to fulfill your protein needs and to sustain your muscle growth.

How Much Protein Do You Need?

Before we start making a diet plan with these alternatives, let’s see how much protein you need. 

Usually, adults require 50 grams of it per day, but it can vary with your personal goals (gaining or losing weight), activity levels as well as your body weight and age. 

But we’ve made it easier for you.

Here’s a good free protein calculator that can help you. 

Animal Meat

There you go, our favorite pastime as Pakistanis: Eating meat.

high protein foods

Your mouth may already be watery but “Ruko jara, sabar kro.” 

While meat is high in protein, to stay healthy and cut back your fat intake, tread carefully. 

You don’t want to get the meat in salans filled with oils. 

It’s better if you smoke or grill the meat to stay healthy.

Remember the goal here is to sustain your muscle growth, you do need fats to power through the workout, but you probably don’t need ’em as much 🙂.

Read up here on how much fat you should consume.. 

And now, which meat? Well, essentially all animal meat is a good source of protein, but we’ve still broken it down for you, so choose as you will. 

Yes, that’s a lot, but be careful with fats. 

Hard-Boiled Egg

Here’s something you already love, now it’s time to know more about it. 

One hard-boiled egg can have up to 6 grams of protein, pretty decent. 

And some good minerals and vitamins. 

While Desi-Ghee Paratha with 3 half-fried eggs may be delicious, please resist 🙃.

A boiled egg is far better as it will reduce your fat intake and keep you more active. 

Remember, replacing protein powder isn’t easy, you need to watch those macros very carefully if you want to gain some bulk!

Greek Yogurt

Yeah, yeah, we know. As soon as a fancy expensive yogurt enters the house, your mother will object. 

But it iz what it iz 🙂. 

And good news is, some Pakistani brands have stepped into this game and are providing high-quality greek yogurt. 

You can get as much as 9 grams of protein from a 250g cup of it and it won’t cost much either!


On this list of high-protein foods it wasn’t easy to find something that will get Ammi-approved.

Well, here it is.

Oatmeal is kind of awesome, it’s high in fiber, it lowers blood sugar, it has a good Vitamin and Minerals profile, and its high in protein!

A cup of whole Oats can have around 10 or 11 grams of protein. 

The only problem is we Pakistanis like an exciting flavor and Oats pass as somewhat bland to us. 

Don’t you worry, you can get our Zero-Calorie, Zero-Sugar, Artificial Sweetener: FlavBurst. It’s perfect to flavor your Oatmeal!

Peanut Butter & Toast

Ahh! The combo that’s loved by all. 

Not only delicious but a surprisingly good source of protein, combined with whole-grain toast for an added fiber boost!

Be mindful to read the nutritional facts of the peanut butter you buy though.

Our very own Simply Peanuts has 7 grams of protein per 2 tablespoons (and no added oils or sugars 😉).

If you take two toasts and spread the peanut butter generously on ‘em, you can end up with like 14 grams of protein.

So, a great way to get your daily protein dose, is to eat two toasts of this in breakfast.

Cottage Cheese

Soft, white, and creamy with a mild taste and rich in protein. Cottage Cheese is not one of those which undergo aging, making it low in fats too!

A half cup of it can have 14 grams of protein and only 1% fat

Cottage cheese is packed with casein protein, making its absorption slow, but very much so effective in muscle building. 

high protein foods

You can make yourself a cheese paratha and it would go hand in hand with your resistance training!

PS One great thing about it is that you can find lactose-free cottage cheese easily, so lactose intolerance doesn’t have to get in our way of muscle building!

Take-Away Message 

Incorporating protein-rich foods into your diet doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. From lean meats to plant-based options like eggs, there are plenty of delicious and nutritious choices available. 

Use these alternatives, balance your macros, don’t over consume protein, and stay on this journey to a healthy life. These alternatives can sustain your muscle growth for the time being. 

When you are ready to make room in your budget, we’ll be right here waiting for you. Until then, follow us on Instagram to stay updated on discounts and coupons from our side.

Good Luck!

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