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Find Energy for your Workouts: A Guide for the Exhausted

Juggling life and work? Can’t find any energy for the workout?

We’ve all been there; we know exactly how you feel. You work 8 hours a day, then spend like 2 hours in Pakistan’s traffic.

It’s not that you’re too lazy to work out, it’s just that you cannot find the energy to do so.

This isn’t some clickbait where we tell you to grow up and work out or something.

Instead, we’ll give you actual practices that will solve this problem, so you don’t end up with that tummy Basheer Saab has (your banker neighbor).

We know you’re eager for the solution, so we’ll get right to it.

Planning is Key

To start off, remember that you will need to plan the workout down to the minute.

Just like you have a plan for when you leave for work, you will need to choose a fixed time for your workout.

Plan each day at the gym, know what exercises to do.

Get a trainer, set goals, work hard to fulfill the goals, and then reward yourself (Read 5 Motivational Tips for Consistent Exercise).

This will put things in a system, a routine, which won’t take long to get used to.

Work Life

The whole reason you’re here is that things get hectic at work, you feel tired, and just want to go home, have dinner, and sleep.

Compensate this lack of energy by adopting several practices when you’re at work.

If your job requires you to sit at a desk, that’s a problem. Sitting in one place for 8 hours daily will drain your body’s energy.

Btw, sitting that long is the reason you should work out regularly and maintain your health.

No, you don’t have to leave your job, just listen up.

Schedule regular breaks throughout the day. Maybe take a walk to a co-worker’s desk down the hall.

And remember to do some stretches when at work because sitting that long will cause pain in your back and neck.

Get an ergonomic chair and pillow too if you can.

Also, don’t stay buried in work, talk to people, do some side activities to keep your energy for the workout.

Be more active during your work hours, even if your job isn’t about sitting the whole day.

Stay Hydrated

This advice is especially for those who move a lot at work like field workers.

Drink lots of water.

In this blazing summer, a big reason for having no energy by the end of the day is dehydration.

Regular consumption of water will keep your body energized and not quench with thirst.

Keep a water bottle by your side the whole day.


Like water, the food you eat, and its routine will affect your day like nothing else.

Keep your calories in check.

Know what and when to eat.

Again, this comes with planning. Adhere to a strict diet plan.

Never miss breakfast, “It’s the most important meal of your day.”

Our sugar and oil-free peanut butter, SimplyPeanuts is the perfect choice for breakfast btw 😉.

workout energy peanut butter

One of the major reasons you may have noticed for not feeling up to the workout at night is your dinner.

The 2 rotis and extra-gravy salan make you super sleepy and not at all energized.

We recommend that you eat something light with tea or coffee after getting home (Check out some good pre-workout foods, it’ll help). Then eat something after the workout.

And keep some fruits in your diet too, they’re super healthy.

Sleep Schedule

If you go to work at 9 like most people, it’s important you don’t abuse your sleep schedule.

We started off by telling you to have a system. Well, this is part of it.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise.

Keep a rigid sleep schedule, wake up early in the morning, do some light exercises, then go to work.

Doing just this will keep you energized the whole day.

Not only will this conserve energy for the workout session but make you even more active at work!

Power Nap

One great aid for some quick workout energy is power nap.

After coming home, consider sleeping for like 20 or 30 minutes.

Then drink coffee, trust us, you will feel fresh as ever and will be running to your gym.

A very simple, yet useful practice.

The Commute

workout energy

This is Pakistan, so, there’s a high chance, your commute to and from work is exhausting.

Horns, noise, slow traffic, heat, no laws, road rage, just chaos (How’d you know I live in Karachi? 🙂).

Not to mention, your mother has a million things for you to get on the way back.

Even if you have some energy left at work, the commute will drain it all.

We can’t do anything to lessen the chores your mom gives you but we can do something to ease the commute.

Regardless of the vehicle, choose traffic-less routes, keep yourself calm, listen to music, and make the travel exciting.

This doesn’t mean we want you to race your way back home, just find quicker and less chaotic routes.

And stay safe on the road😊.

Take-Away Message

To round it all up

1. Do Planning

2. Take notice of your work life

3. Drink Water

4. Eat Good

5. Sleep Good

6. Take a Power Nap

7. Travel Better

Remember that fitness is a long-term investment, you will have to work hard and adopt several practices you’re not used to, but it definitely will be fruitful.

Earning bread doesn’t mean you can’t care about yourself anymore; instead, you have to care more. Now, you don’t only have to work hard at the gym but also work hard to make energy for the workout.

So, stay healthy and build your body along with your career. When you feel good and confident about your health, we assure you that your performance at work will also improve. You will stay more active, think more productively, and will stay ahead of the curve!

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