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Here Are The 10 Common Injuries During Exercise

common workout injuries

Exercise is the best thing you can do for your body. Still, you can be prone to injuries. Whether you are new to exercise or have been working out for years, anyone can get injuries. The thing here is to be aware of the common workout injuries and how to prevent them

Even if you work out at home, you can still face injuries. So, it’s better to be aware of the common injuries so that you are more likely to act sensibly upon experiencing any of these.

So, let’s discuss the common workout injuries in detail.

Common workout injuries

Here is a list of common workout injuries that can happen at the gym and home.

Back pain

Back pain, especially lower back pain, is a common yet concerning issue. Most people start to experience back pain from weightlifting, but exercises that involve bending and twisting can also cause this condition. While back pain often occurs due to excessive exercise, it can also occur if you have a sedentary lifestyle and just started working out.

If you feel a sudden pull or pinch in your lower back area, you might be at risk of lower back pain.

To prevent this, it’s better to keep your core muscles strong and strengthen your upper back. Also, as back pain is due to jumping suddenly jumping towards high-intensity workouts, you should keep the progress slow. Another suggestion is maintaining a neutral spine while exercising to prevent any pulls or pinches.

Knee pain

While overweight individuals are more prone to knee injuries while exercising, it can also occur in workouts and sports. Especially people who jump and run can be at risk of a knee injury.

Any kind of damage to the knee bones, the four ligaments, or the cartilage that covers it can cause knee injury. You can also hurt the knees by a fall or twist. Still, knee injuries are serious and need attention.

Depending on the severity, the treatments will also vary.

Plantar fasciitis

Some people are generally prone to plantar fasciitis due to their foot shape, while others can develop this condition by not choosing the right shoes.

In plantar fasciitis, you experience swelling in the ligament connecting the front and back of your foot. With this condition, walking and running can be painful.

However, consulting a doctor and wearing the right shoes can help control the pain.

Ruptured Achilles

Ruptured Achilles is also a foot condition that affects the back of your lower leg. However, this condition is more common in people who participate in recreational sports.

The rupture of the Achilles tendon causes a sudden pop sound, followed by a sharp pain. This sharp pain is experienced in the back of the ankle and lower leg. As the condition becomes severe, it will also affect your ability to walk properly.

Muscle strain

A strain is caused by a pull in the muscle. While exercising, strain is very common.

Most people experience a strain after the first gym session because their muscles aren’t used to that much exercise. So, we can say that overusing your muscles will also cause strain. The same is the case with cardio. Too much cardio can destroy the muscles.

If you feel pain and swelling or discolored or bruised skin, it might be pulled muscle. You will also feel pain and difficulty in moving the muscle. 


Dislocation of a bone can be due to injury like falling or a sudden blow. In this case, you will need to consult a doctor so that they can relocate your bone. 

In dislocation of the bone, the tendons and ligaments that surround it might also be affected, and you will feel pain and swelling in that area. 

Shoulder injury

Repetitive overhead exercises can cause shoulder pain. Soreness in the rotator cuff is a common cause of this condition.

Incorrect weightlifting can lead to shoulder pain. This exercise puts pressure on the shoulder joint, and not doing it the correct way will cause problems.

Shin splints

Shin splints affect the lower leg and are caused by repetitive exercise or a sudden increase in workouts. In fact, shin splints are common among athletes because their routine involves a lot of running.

This condition affects the lower leg muscles, particularly causing pain along or behind the large bone in the lower leg.

To prevent this condition, you should wear the right shoes and do a proper warmup before high-intensity workouts.


A sprain is the injury of ligaments around the joint, mostly caused by falling. This condition tears the tissues surrounding the bones. A sprain mostly affects the ankle, wrist, or knees. 

The affected area will also become painful and swollen. You can treat this condition through some techniques and by using a bandage. However, if the pain isn’t bearable and doesn’t go away, you should see a doctor.

Elbow pain

Elbow pain is mostly caused by inflammation or sprain in the soft tissues, such as tendons.

Like most other conditions, elbow pain is also often caused by repetitive exercise, especially those that involve hand, wrist, or arm movements.

Also, elbow pain can mostly be treated through rest.

Take-away message

While exercising, getting injuries is common. However, that should not contribute to your gym anxiety. The thing here is to be aware of the injuries so you can take effective measures when you encounter them.

People who work out in gyms and do high-intensity exercises are more prone to muscle and bone injuries. However, if you exercise at home, you can still get hurt.

As the most common cause of injuries is excessive exercise, make sure you keep it in mind while working out.

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