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Hitting The Gym For The First Time? Here’s A Guide

beginner's guide to gym

You must have thought of going to the gym various times, but sadly, it remains just a thought, with the fear of gym anxiety hitting you. Not having a proper beginner’s guide to the gym might also make you step back.

Don’t worry. You’re among the 50% of people scared to go to the gym. 

But the good thing is, you can still overcome gym anxiety and start going to the gym to flex those biceps.

So, are you ready to read our beginner’s guide to the gym?

Let’s get started.

Find the right gym

finding the right gym

Finding the right gym with all the required equipment that suits your fitness goals is essential. As you’re just starting, make sure the gym has some basic equipment like a treadmill, weight bench, stationary bike, etc.

However, you will also need to consider the cost aspect, especially when you want to continue this fitness routine in the long run.

To manage your expenses, consider the membership fee, the cost of transport, and any additional charges like that for sessions.

Finding a nearby local gym with a lower membership fee will save you some bucks.

Take the right essentials

gym essentials for beginners

Buying the right gym bag essentials is a good way to prepare yourself and stay excited for your first day at the gym.

These gym essentials include a towel for wiping off sweat, headphones, a water bottle, shampoo, etc.

Also, make sure you wear appropriate gym gear. Apart from this, buy shoes that match your goals. For resistance exercises, try wearing sturdy shoes instead of canvas shoes.

Plus, you can always take a protein shake to provide an energy boost for the workout. The best time to drink your protein shake will depend on your preference.

If you don’t already have all this stuff, consider buying it. This will also give you excitement to hit the gym in new attire and overcome gym anxiety by presenting your best self.

Take things easy in the first few weeks

If you think doing too much exercise in the beginning will motivate you further, you might be wrong.

In fact, you’re only being harsh on yourself.

Remember that your muscles will get used to the exercise in a while, and doing too much exercise will have negative effects.

For example, while cardio is perceived to be good, too much cardio can put muscles under threat.

So, it’s better to be lenient with yourself in the first few weeks.

The best idea is to make a proper plan and do exercises according to it.

Prefer doing 5-6 exercises initially

Especially if you’ve joined the gym for the first time, it’s better to stick to simple exercises in the beginning.

You cannot just step into the gym and start doing resistance training. It will hurt your muscles. So, you should take things slowly so your muscles can get used to the exercise. This process will take time, and you’ll have to move gradually.

A good idea is to stick to a schedule of 5-6 exercises per day in the beginning. This schedule should include 2-4 compound exercises and around 2-3 isolation exercises.

Remove distractions

distraction in gym

We always recommend removing any items that may distract you during workouts. The most common of these distractions is your phone. So, before starting your workout, it’s better to put your phone on silent or stay away from social media. 

This is a great strategy to stay focused on your fitness goals. If you start using social media during gym time, you might get distracted and waste so much of your time.

While you can listen to music while exercising, it’s better to stay away from your phone or any other distractions.

Consider rest periods

You cannot just enter the gym and exercise for an hour straight.

It’s necessary to take some rest.

After all, extreme exercises require you to rest between sessions to gear yourself up for the next ones.

For high-rep workouts, you can rest for a minute or less. Similarly, you need two or more minutes of rest for heavy, low-rep sets.

Review your workouts before going to the gym

Reviewing your workout schedule before going to the gym is a great way to plan ahead.

You should have a look at your schedule so that you have a clear understanding of what you’re supposed to do in that day’s session. For example, if it’s your leg day, you can look up videos if you don’t have prior knowledge about it. In this way, you’ll save much of your time.

Record your progress

recording progress in gym

Recording your progress is a great way to monitor your fitness routine and take the next steps towards improvement. 

You can keep a record of your daily exercises and soreness levels in a journal. When you have this information, it will be easy for you to plan exercises for the next week.

Ensure a healthy diet

The link between nutrition and fitness cannot be ignored.

If you want to stay active and healthy to exercise properly, you will need to ensure a healthy diet.

While carbs and fats are also important, you need to include enough protein in your diet to prevent muscle fatigue. It is because protein-rich diets can help build muscles, which is especially useful for people who go to the gym.

To get enough protein, you can also rely on protein shakes. Their various benefits have made protein shakes famous among gym-goers. 

Also, the good thing is you can manage healthy eating on a budget with proper planning.

Take-away message

With our beginner’s guide to the gym, you must have enough insight to tackle your gym anxiety and hit the nearby gym.

While exercising is important, make sure you’re not too harsh on yourself during the first few weeks. Once you have a hang of it and your muscles are used to the exercise, you can move towards high-intensity workouts.

However, remember that things will take time. So, follow this beginner’s guide to the gym and get ready to gain those muscles!

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