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How Can Protein Powder Help You-9 Amazing Benefits!

protein powder benefits

While the high price of a protein powder may make you think twice before buying it, the benefits make it worth a try.

Are you also confused about whether investing in a protein powder would be beneficial? You’re not alone. Any fitness enthusiast will do tons of research to decide if they need protein powder and what would suit them best.

Here, we’ve made it easier for you by figuring out how protein powder can help. Protein powder helps manage weight, prevent muscle loss, promote muscle growth, and lower blood pressure.

Now, let’s get into the details of how protein powder can help and see how these claims are backed by research.

How does protein powder benefit the body?

protein powder health benefits

Protein powders help our body in numerous ways. As long as you’re using the right type of protein powder, you’ll see nothing but your body getting better.

Here are some of the many protein powder benefits for your body.

1. Helps in weight loss

You’ve probably heard about protein powder for building muscles. But, it plays dual roles and also helps in weight loss.

So, you’re concerned about how protein powder helps in weight loss? We have the answer. The thing is, protein powder has the ability to make you feel full for longer, especially when you consume it with milk and yogurt. 

Apart from this, protein powder contains most of the nutrients you need in a balanced diet. In this way, protein powder helps you lose weight without causing you to lack the required nutrients.

A study also showed that people consuming protein powder noticed a significant decrease in body mass.

2. Increases muscle strength

If you’re wondering how protein powder helps build muscles, we have the details.

Researchers have found that people who exercise regularly and take protein powders can benefit from greater muscle strength. However, it’s necessary to do regular exercise to notice the results of protein powder. In such a case, protein powder increases muscle strength, making training easier.

3. Increases muscle mass

Protein powder is especially beneficial for fitness enthusiasts who like flexing their biceps!

As muscle mass tends to decline with age, consuming protein powder can help maintain muscle mass. However, some studies also show that consuming whey protein is more beneficial for gaining muscle mass in younger individuals than other types of protein powders.

In order to increase muscle mass, you need to combine protein powder intake with strength training.

4. Lowers cholesterol

Protein powder being beneficial for lowering cholesterol proves that its benefits can go beyond just providing muscles.

When it comes to lowering cholesterol levels, we found that most studies suggest that whey protein is beneficial for this purpose. 

Research conducted on overweight individuals stated its results by saying that the consumption of whey protein for 12 weeks led to lower cholesterol levels in these individuals.

So, if you’re already obese and suffer from high cholesterol levels, adding whey protein to your diet can have a significant impact. Still, consulting your doctor beforehand is a good idea.

5. Helps with type-2 diabetes

Due to its positive effects on insulin and the ability to moderate blood sugar levels, whey protein can be useful for people with type-2 diabetes.

A study was conducted to notice the effect of whey protein on type-2 diabetes patients by incorporating it into their breakfast and lunch. It concluded that combining whey protein into high-carb meals or taking it before the meal can keep the blood sugar levels in control.

Apart from this, whey protein is also much better than other sources of protein, which include fish and egg, because whey protein gives a better insulin response.

6. Maintains healthy blood pressure

The stats for people with high blood pressure aren’t good enough. In this case, protein powder comes to the rescue.

Some studies suggest that the consumption of whey protein can have positive effects on people with pre- and mild hypertension. In the study, individuals with hypertension consumed whey protein powder for 12 weeks and experienced positive results.

Thus, consuming whey protein for a few weeks can help keep your systolic blood pressure in control.

7. Helps in weight management

Apart from helping you lose weight, protein powder can be an excellent option to include in your diet to manage your weight.

As mentioned before, protein powder tends to make you feel full for longer. It also suppresses appetite and reduces hunger. Again, whey protein is better than other types in terms of its satiating effect. 

8. Protein powder is convenient

Apart from its health benefits, we cannot deny the fact that protein powder is highly convenient to use.

It’s super easy to make; you can blend protein powder into milk, and your protein shake is ready to go. Also, you can make smoothies, protein bars, beverages, and pancakes with protein powder. (Learn more about the different ways of using protein powders).

The various forms and flavors of protein powders give you options to choose from, making it look like a treat after a hectic workout.

9. A great source of protein

Although eggs and milk are natural foods with protein, protein powders are a great source of high-quality protein that can fulfill your nutritional requirement. 

Compared to other types, whey protein is better due to its ability to dissolve quickly. Also, it has high nutritional value, making it a great option if you want to consume high-quality protein.

Thus, protein powder can be naturally incorporated into your daily routine without making it look like an additional supplement.

Take-away message

After reading this article, you would have probably figured out that protein powder does deserve a place in your workout routine.

The benefits of protein powder are not limited to providing muscles and strength. They can extend to better health and treating diseases. While protein powders are beneficial for people with diseases like type-2 diabetes, we recommend consulting your doctor before using them for a particular disease.

Still, protein powders have a lot to offer to healthy people, too!

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