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Protein Powder and Diabetes: A Simple Guide

protein powder and diabetes

Dw, diabetes is a very common problem here in Pakistan and now you’re worried that diabetes can come in between you and your protein powder. So, let’s kick off with that very question you guys want answered.

Can you consume protein powder if you have diabetes?

Well, yes, of course you can!  When you have type-2 diabetes, you’ve got to look out for any artificial sugars that can raise your blood sugar level, or any carbs that can spike insulin. Lucky for you, most protein powders have no such nutrition. Still you must stay alert of the ones that can cause such problems.

Yayy, you got the answer, you’re good with the powder. Ba Bye!

But ruko zara, sabar kro. We can’t just leave you guys hanging now, can we?

Is protein that important though?

Protein is important, whether you’re diabetic or not, it’s important to build muscles, keep your organs healthy, make energy, and make some essential hormones.

Once you’re diagnosed with diabetes, it means you’ve got to be extremely vigilant about your diet, but this doesn’t mean to leave all the essentials out of the diet due to fear.

Actually, stay more active after the diagnosis, this definitely helps you overcome diabetes (Source).

And staying active is aided by a good amount of protein powder to help energize these workouts.

But again, just don’t buy any other powder out there, there’s a way to judge if it’s right for you or not.

Which protein powder to buy if you have diabetes?

Buying protein powder in Pakistan isn’t easy, especially if you’re diabetic.

But guess what, we’ve made it simple for you:

Just take a glance at that nutrition table in the back (sounds boring ik but it iz what it iz).

What to look for there?

Here’s a few things you need to keep an eye on .

Protein Source

Start with the protein source, some sources secrete less insulin and some more.

Globally, people with diabetes tend to prefer hemp protein, which is sourced from plants, however this doesn’t mean other sources are bad, keep your options open. Especially because authentic hemp protein is hard to find in Pakistan.

Soy and Whey do just as well with diabetes, actually, recent studies find Whey Protein to be a much more suitable protein powder for diabetic people, which actually helps combat diabetes (source study).  

Additionally, protein powders tend to come in two kinds: concentrates and isolates. With a high percentage of protein in isolated protein powders, they tend to release much more insulin so yk stay clear 🙂.


Look for sugars next, that’s the most important. Ideally there should be no sugar at all, but I don’t think you’ll find such whey protein here in Pakistan.

So, look for no added sugars, this will do just the trick to keep the diabetes at bay.

Let’s use PakNaturals’ whey protein as example 😉.


Fibre-rich protein can much better help regulate insulin through its mechanisms. High fibre and high protein diets are beneficial for diabetes.

Added Ingredients

Then look for some added ingredients, look at the table and make sure there’s nothing that might cause you harm. Look for any allergies or anything your doctor has told you to stay clear of. 


And speaking of added ingredients, be careful with the flavoring part. All the protein powders in Pakistan (except ours 😇) come flavored in the packet. The flavor can have artificial sweetening or added sugars.

Want to get rid of that fear? Our unflavored Hyper Whey Concentrate is perfect for that!

Protein Control

Another important part is the control of protein intake.

But remember to consult your medical consultant (not your average Dr Amjad from a local homeopathic shop tho 😭).

Go to a doctor who can properly guide with the protein intake and its control.

Diabetic patients have risky kidneys, but protein powder is super healthy for you… Too much of a good thing is bad, just remember that.

protein powder consumption in diabetes

Well, as you know protein powder can be consumed in more than one way. With a diabetic condition, you also need to be extra vigilant with that.

Try to consume it in ways and in foods that’ll cause you no harm.

Again, you need to be very careful about your dietary choices and stuff, so we’ll leave the meal planning on to you.

But yk, just be careful and stay healthy.

Take-Home Message

So yes, to summarize, you can have your trusty protein shake even if you have diabetes as long as you choose the protein powder wisely.

Look for a protein powder that doesn’t spike your insulin or raise your blood sugar levels and consume it in a healthy way.

Keep doing the workouts, charge ‘em with some authentic protein. Don’t let this simple illness stop you from the gym routine.

Andddd  yes, that’s it from us, now it’s up to you, so good luck!

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