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Want To Build Muscles? Here Are The Best Exercises

exercises for building muscle mass

The goals and schedules of every fitness enthusiast in the gym will be different, but the desire to gain and build muscle is their primary and common goal.

Somehow, specifically focusing on exercises for building muscle mass and including it in your schedule can be quite useful.

It’s true that doing too much exercise without a good result can make you lose motivation. While other factors like age, metabolism, lifestyle, etc., also play a role, you should not be demotivated and consider yourself a failure.

If one way doesn’t work, you can go for the other!

So, focusing specifically on exercises for building muscle mass is the ideal way to gain muscles quickly and effectively.

Plus, including a high-quality protein powder will speed up the process by giving you more energy.

So, let’s get started with the best exercises for building muscle mass.


Lunges are a great exercise, especially for beginners. 

When we talk about the benefits of lunges, we can find many. First of all, the primary purpose of lunges is to strengthen your lower body. With strong leg muscles, we also feel an improvement in balance. Also, performing lunges improves flexibility in the hip muscles and enhances our mobility. 

Also, there are several types of lunges. You can do forward lunges, backward lunges, side lunges, and jumping lunges. 

Here is the basic technique of doing lunges:

  • Stand straight on the floor with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • The back knee should be down towards the floor.
  • The front thigh should be parallel to the ground.
  • This will be your forward movement.
  • Go back to the starting position.
  • Repeat on the other leg.

The good thing is that lunges can be performed at home and the gym.

Bench press

For people who want to target their upper body, bench press is a great exercise. Most gym enthusiasts also perform this exercise to improve endurance and get more strength.

Bench press targets the triceps, pectorals, and anterior deltoids.

Strength training exercises like a bench press are effective in strengthening the muscles.

As the muscles of your upper body become stronger with the bench press exercise, you are less likely to suffer from workout injuries like sprains.

Barbell curls

Are you a fan of biceps and muscular arms?

Well, barbell curls are the right exercise for you!

In general, the barbell curl exercise targets the biceps brachii muscles and brachialis. Thus, this results in increased muscle size and stronger muscles of the biceps.

However, it’s good to keep this exercise within a limit as overexercising will give less time to the muscles to recover themselves.


Squats are one of the most effective exercises for building stronger leg muscles.

By creating an anabolic work environment in the body, squats help tone the legs and provide muscle-building in the whole body.

Doing 3 sets of squats with 12-15 reps is great for building muscles.

However, there is still a controversy about whether squats are good or not.

While there are studies suggesting that squats are good for the knees, you should consult a doctor if you already have a knee problem.


Planks are a very simple at-home exercise, and because of this simplicity, people often fail to realize their benefits.

One of the common workout myths is that muscle soreness and extreme sweating are good.

While planks are easy to perform, they still bring many benefits.

Planks target the abdominal muscles, shoulders, and lower back.

Thus, we can say that planks are effective in building overall muscle strength.

If you’re hitting the gym for the first time with the goal to gain muscles, you can include planks in your workout plan. 


If you want to move towards compound exercises to build muscle strength, deadlifts can be a good option. 

People who want to target the upper and lower body muscles can move towards this exercise.

While deadlifts are generally for professionals, beginners can start with deadlifting their body weight.

Most bodyweight exercises mimic the deadlift because they target the major body muscles, similar to what the deadlift targets.

Overhead press

The best thing about an overhead press is that it has several variations, which can help target a variety of muscles.

Overhead press also targets the triceps, shoulders, and traps. So, you can expect to gain upper body strength and bigger shoulders. Apart from this, the overhead press also provides a better posture and increased range of motion.

Thus, we can say that adding an overhead press to your gym workout routine is worth it.

Take-away message

Gaining muscle mass isn’t a big deal when you do things right.

Choosing exercises for building muscle mass that specifically target some areas is a great option.

We have included exercises to strengthen the upper body, lower body, and overall muscles.

So, make sure you choose the right exercises and ensure a healthy eating plan to stay active and healthy while building your muscles.

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