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Simple Tips to Workout for the Busy

workout for busy people

When it comes to workout for the busy people, we need to remember Basheer uncle. Whenever his tummy is put under question, it’s his banking job to blame.

“Pura din bs office me bethay rehtay hen and phir ghar aa kr kidhr time ya himmat hoti hai exercise ki.”

This is what you’re most likely to hear as an answer when you ask about his tummy.

Well, today’s short article is for the Basheer uncles and those aspiring to not become one 🙂.

(Basheer uncle is a state of mind 🤌)

To kick off, let’s break down his routine.

He gets up and gets ready at 7.

Leaves for work at 8.

Work starts at 9.

Ends at 5 and he’s home by let’s say 6.

Technically, he still has lots of time to work out after 6 but he’s most probably exhausted by then.

(Read this too, will help you to not get too much exhausted).


Workout for busy people can get hectic but a good way would be to incorporate small portions of exercise into your whole day and routine.

Yk, like spread out the exercise.

And that’s to be done by doing something called micro-workouts.

This means taking 10 or 15 minutes out of your routine every few hours to exercise.

This can be before going to bed, after getting out of bed, or even taking such exercise breaks during work.

Really, sky’s the limit!


Sounds weird, but it’s just healthy.

For people who sit at desks for too long, it’s a good way to stay active.

This just means to do exercise while sitting at a desk.

There are several stretches that you can do to avoid back and neck pain.

Here’s an article, that will help you with some good stretches.

And if you’re worried about looking weird, don’t. Staying healthy is more important.


Walking is rarely considered an actual exercise BUT its extremely beneficial, especially in situations like these.

If Basheer uncle does come home at 6, it’s much better if he gets out and walks some kilometers instead of just sitting at home.

workout for busy people

Whatever he eats the whole day, the calories he takes, need to be burned.

Walking faster and longer will help him a lot.

This cardio will have further benefits, increasing his stamina and keeping his heart healthy.

Healthy Snacking

Even though, we have always said that it matters less what you eat if you can manage the calorie count.

It’s true.


To manage the calorie count, you need to burn a lot more than you eat, and when one is busy enough that he/she cannot burn enough calories, it’s better to just shift to low-calorie foods.


Eat a lot more protein and try to stay away from fats.

Eat healthy, nutrition goes a long way in your fitness journey.

Also, you probably know by now, that eating healthy doesn’t mean eating expensive, it means eating smartly.

Workout Equipment

And lastly, a good tip to workout for busy people would be to get some equipment for your house.

You can just work out late at night before going to sleep this way.

It’s an efficient and easy way to stay active.

Get a mat, some weights, and a jump rope maybe.

We leave that up to you, make your own exercise routine.

Take-Away Message

In conclusion, staying active and healthy is entirely feasible even with a busy schedule like Basheer uncle’s.

By incorporating micro-workouts, engaging in deskercise, making time for walking, opting for healthy snacking, and using simple workout equipment at home, you can effectively manage your fitness without feeling overwhelmed.

Remember, the goal is to integrate these small yet impactful changes into your daily routine. Staying active is not about making drastic changes overnight but rather about consistent, manageable efforts that add up over time. So, to all the Basheer uncles out there and those aspiring to avoid becoming one, embrace these tips and make fitness a seamless part of your life.

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