Melatonin Supplements – Everything you need to know

melatonin tablets in pakistan

Sooooooo, your sleep issues have reached this level, huh? You’re seeking out supplements for better sleep.  Probably hitting that Google search for ‘melatonin tablets in Pakistan’.

Oh wait, maybe you just can’t sleep because of the inflation and politics and economics and stuff? Because stress doesn’t count as the need for supplements 🙂.

Wait, now I’m stressed.


Back to the topic, what’s melatonin? Melatonin is something we’d like to call a sleep hormone. It regulates our circadian rhythm. And it’s naturally produced by our brains.

What’s circadian rhythm now? It’s a biological clock of our organs, developed through thousands of years. How our organs behave and at which times are they mostly active, things that make it easier to sleep at night than day.

Darkness releases melatonin and makes us go into a deep sleep state, that’s why it’s easier to sleep in dark places.

Up until now, you’ve concluded: Melatonin is good.

You’re right, our brain is useful and makes useful hormones.

What’s the problem then?

The problem occurs when you’re not getting a deep sleep at night. You’re trying to sleep and stuff but you just can’t get that good night’s sleep.

You’re not stressed or worried about anything, you have checked all the other stuff off the list.

But you still can’t sleep well.

This might mean you’re not producing enough melatonin.

Even jet-lag or insomnia can do this.


Being exposed to light in the darkness like using your mobile with lights turned off (Jokes on you, mom was right, mobile ki hi wja se hua yeh sb 😭).

Would supplements help?

Well of course, melatonin supplements can work wonders here if you’re not making enough.

Just take ‘em 30 mins before your sleep.

The supplements can help you kickstart your circadian rhythm and help you get a deep sleep.

But here’s another problem.

There has not been much research done on these supplements. Its side effects or even uses aren’t very clear as of now.

Secondly, there aren’t any government regulations or testing authorities for melatonin supplements yet in Pakistan or even around the world.

But we’ll still guide you on these supplements if you need ‘em of course.

How to buy melatonin tablets in Pakistan?

First of all, let’s get this out there: Melatonin supplements can’t be natural.

If there’s any company claiming to sell you “Natural Melatonin Tablets”, it’s a red flag.

All melatonin supplements are synthetic and made in a lab.

melatonin tablets in pakistan

Try to find companies that are very transparent about everything and are ready to answer every concern of yours, instead of getting a sale (Ahm ahm, we don’t sell melatonin btw, but thanks for thinking of us😇🙂).

Next up is to try to find ones that are either certified or tested by third-party testers (as mentioned no government tests or regulate it themselves).

Lastly, consult a good doctor or nutritionist (hard to find doctors who don’t think of supplements as steroids in Pakistan, we know, but look a little, you’ll find one. We hope).

How much melatonin to take?

Well, this one depends on your age, sex, and issue.

Maybe consult the doctor we asked you to.

However, normally the dose starts from a 2mg tablet taken 30 to 50 mins before your bedtime.

This dosage can increase depending upon yk, the situation.

It is worth noting that in this case, more does not mean better.

You can’t just take a lot of tablets to sleep better or more.

Melatonin supplements are not sleeping pills!!

Possible side effects?

Well, as we’ve discussed, not a lot of research has gone into melatonin.

But the limited studies say that melatonin can only have mild side effects (if taken a lot, or if taken when it shouldn’t be).

These include:

·       Headache

·       Sleepiness

·       Dizziness

·       Nausea

But these are short-term side effects. There can be long-term side effects, but they aren’t known yet.

Furthermore, it is advisable to not take such supplements when pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding.

Even though other supplements like protein powder are safe when pregnant, again, there’s not much research on melatonin to be risking two lives.

Take-Away Message

In conclusion, melatonin supplements can be a helpful aid for individuals struggling with sleep issues, particularly when natural production of melatonin is insufficient.

However, caution must be exercised due to the limited research on their efficacy and potential side effects. Consulting with a healthcare professional is essential to determine the appropriate dosage and suitability for individual circumstances.

Additionally, seeking out transparent and reputable sources for melatonin tablets in Pakistan is crucial for ensuring safety and efficacy. While melatonin may offer benefits for improving sleep, informed decision-making and medical guidance are paramount for optimizing outcomes and minimizing potential risks.

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