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Rest Assured – 7 Practical Tips for a Goodnight’s Sleep

how to sleep easier

So, you wanna know how to sleep easier? Wait, let’s try a different approach…

Kya aapko bhi raat ko sahi se neend nahi ati? Kya aap bhi raato ko jaagnay ki waja se subha pareshaani ka saamna hota hai??? Welcome to PakNaturals DawaKhaana! – Ok, I’ll stop 🙂.

We all know that sleeping is the most important part of the limited 24-hour day. 

If the sleeping goes well, you spend the remaining hours in peace, but God-forbid it doesn’t, the day is ruined from the start.

Sleep is also our healing time, everything that happens to our body and mind, what has the power to fix it? Sleep.

Sleep helps our body recover, cool down, and re-energize.

How to make sure that sleeping goes well most of the time then?


Just kidding, sorry, my humor is finally broken.

Starting off for real now 🙂.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

One of the best practices that can get you a good night’s sleep is doing it at night.

Stick to a schedule, go to bed early and wake up early in the morning.

If you sleep before midnight, you will get better sleep.

A good sleep needs a quiet and dark environment.

Sleep Easier after Goodnight Dinner

Do not go to bed if either you’re hungry or too stuffed, it always ends up badly.

It’s advisable to rather have a stuffed breakfast than a stuffed dinner.

But yeah, Pakistani moms don’t understand this. Struggle is real 😭.

Where were we, oh yes. So, a stuffed dinner can often result in reflux and heartburn. You may feel acidity when you wake up, and this’ll ruin the sleep experience.

Sleep Position, is it odd?

how to sleep easier

The position in which you lay down on your bed is very important, what happens with the position after you sleep however, that’s beyond your control.

There are many studies related to this very problem.

But as long as your spine and neck rests right, you won’t have any problem.

The point is to look out for the sleep posture, make sure it’s healthy and won’t make you regret it.

Leave the day behind

Many of us have this horrible habit of bringing all of the day’s problems to our sleep.

It’s better to not think any of this before sleeping, you should stay completely comfortable mentally and physically before sleeping.

Leave all the problems behind, enjoy this me-time of the day!

Don’t be restless and have happy thoughts, this will help you sleep faster and better.

Here’s an article btw if you’re feeling too exhausted to exercise after a long day at work 😢.

Cardio helps

Believe it or not, cardio helps to sleep easier.

Run, cycle, dance, jump rope, all kinds of cardio can help you sleep better.

When you get your heart going during the day, and then go to relax at a nice healthy time, your body recovers much better.

Science 🧪

This is because of two main factors, one is a hormone known as endorphins and second, cardio raises your body temperature before sleep, so when the body cools down, the sleep experience gets way better (Source?).

Track the Sleep Duration

Here comes the most important part.

Try to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.

That’s the perfect duration to sleep, not too much, not too less.

If you sleep less than this time, your body won’t be as active as it’s supposed to be, because it didn’t get enough time to recharge and get ready.

You may also notice a change in your behavior, you will get more frustrated and crankier.

Sleep more than this time and you will notice yourself becoming lazy. Not to mention it can actually be dangerous for your health. 

So, yes, keep it balanced.

Bed-time Routine

To try and jump into the sleep cycle with ease, create your own bedtime rituals.

For example, you can start it by changing into comfortable clothes, then brushing your teeth.

Then you can lay down on your bed and read a book for 20 minutes. Then finally you can turn off the lights and sleep.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Try it for yourself and you will definitely start enjoying the routine and bedtime more.

Take-Home Message

Sleep is the most important part of your day; it needs to be done right and comfortably. Now you can just head into this ritual more easily. The outcome here is simple, get a good night’s sleep because nothing can replace that!

An easier sleep is prerequisite to fitness and a good day. You start the day by waking up on the right side of bed and nothing can stop you from acing the day.

Just do the following and you’ll be set!

  • Go to bed early, and wake up early
  • Eat a balanced dinner before sleep
  • Lookout for the sleep position
  • Get comfortable before sleep
  • Do some cardio
  • Balance your sleep duration
  • Craft a good bed-time routine

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