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Stay Fit in the Heat: 7 Tips

exercise in summers

Imagine exercise in summers, a good sunny day, heat is touching your body. You’re working out and having fun.

Can’t imagine? It’s because it’s probably 48° C outside and the sun is like the malik-ul-mott 🙂.

You’ll return home like a burnt potato if you try to exercise in this excessive heat.

But don’t you worry, fitness is not a seasonal concept, you can just follow these tips to work out just like before and avoid this hellish weather.

Tip#1 Don’t skip out on meals.

We know it’s hard to sit and eat a proper meal in the afternoon when it’s this much heat outside.

We start skipping lunch in this heat mostly, but it’s better if we stick to our routine even in this heat.

Our body needs proper nutrition to work and exercise.

So don’t cut the body’s supply.

If it’s hard to have lunch in the afternoon, re-craft your nutrition plan and maybe replace lunch with a protein shake.

Tip#2 Avoid the hottest part of the day

Re-make your exercise plan and modify it to avoid the hottest part of the day.

It’s better to shift your intense workouts to nighttime or early in the morning when the temperature is a bit down.

Tip#3 Save yourself from the sun

Use sunscreen or protective sleeves when you get out in the sun.

This will save your screen from the sun and its harmful rays.

The amount of sunlight nowadays will give you less vitamin D and more UV rays affecting your skin.

So, protect your body from that.

Tip#4 Get your fluids

Probably saw this one coming. You need water to sustain your exercise in summers.

Here’s the twist though, people end up with overhydration too.

exercise in summers

You drink too much water, and it will harm you too, and it will make your workouts uncomfortable.

What can you do?

When the environment is much warmer, which is an understatement for the weather in Pakistan nowadays, it might be more beneficial to use electrolytes than water.

This electrolyte can solve the problem here.

Other than that, you may enjoy juices and shakes, you can utilize them too.

Tip#5 Wear light-colored, lightweight clothes

Wear clothes that are brighter in color, they absorb less heat while your summer exercises.

And wearing clothes that are thinner and light-weighed, will help with the sweat.

Get some activewear maybe and go with shorts rather than trousers.

Tip#6 Know the symptoms of heatstroke

Firstly, never overdo your exercise in summers.

Never let yourself get to the point where you start to faint or feel dizzy.

If you do, don’t push through and stop immediately.

What are the symptoms of heatstroke?

  • High body temperature
  • Agitation, irritability
  • Skin will feel dry
  • Rapid breathing
  • Racing heart
  • Headache

And stay safe outside.

Tip#7 Take it indoors

Another good way is to simply take your summer exercises indoor.

Go to a gym maybe, do your running on a treadmill, all your cardio can be done on machines there.

This can help you save from a lot of heat from outside.

Take-Away Message

Ensure you maintain proper nutrition by not skipping meals. Adjust your workout schedule to avoid the peak heat times, opting for early mornings or late evenings. Protect your skin from the harsh sun with sunscreen and appropriate clothing. Stay hydrated with the right balance of water and electrolytes, and be mindful of overhydration. Choose light-colored, lightweight clothes to minimize heat absorption. Learn the signs of heatstroke and never push yourself to dangerous levels. Finally, consider taking your workouts indoors to stay cool and safe.

By following these tips, you can stay committed to your fitness goals without compromising your health in the intense summer heat. Stay safe, stay hydrated, and keep moving!

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