Oh, hey there, protein user!

Did an ad bring you here?

An ad that said it would tell you how to fix nasty protein shakes?

The truth is...

We DO have a solution. We've got two products that will solve your problem INSTANTLY. But... We DON'T want you to buy it.

No, seriously. We don't.

We were supposed to tell you all about it, how it's different, so that maybe, justttt maybe you'd consider giving it a try...

But we've decided against it.

We were so excited writing this sales page.

We developed our site. Got the checkout all set up, too... (Check the page out right here):

Priced it at a nice, affordable, under Rs 10k price point...

But then we realized:

We're complete IDIOTS

Why did we even try doing this?

This is a straight off path to a failed business.

As every Pakistani knows...

All Pakistani brands of whey are

There are NO good local brands.

And those who claim to do it, are lying.

They're companies that just want to scam people with fake "real" products at cheap prices.

I mean, why else would we get these comments after our first few ads:

a negative review that claims that hyper whey is a scam

All the ingredients and amino acids, definitely weren't CLEARLY visible on the product page,
so we have to agree with him.

A negative review claiming that Hyper whey is a fake product
A negative comment claiming that Hyper Whey is fake whey protein because it is "supposedly" a proprietary blend

Definitely true. Said with backed evidence after going through the ENTIRE product page,
which you can check out below...

We can see where these people are coming from.

And truth be told, we empathize with them.

Because, like so many others, they've probably had the misfortune of purchasing a tub of not-so-good whey from one of these "fake" brands.


We guess we kind of wasted your time bringing you to this page?

We're really sorry, hey.

Hey copywriter, you can stop writing now. This is the end of the page!

It would be completely wrong of us to even TRY to convince you that our solution to nasty protein powders might be worth a try.

And so...

We won't even pretend like people actually like our product. Like this one who loved it hated it.

Nor did this person, who definitely didn't buy from us.

positive review of hyper whey

Same goes for this dude with the most wholesome comment we’ve ever never seen.

positive review of hyper whey

Nor this one, who REALLY did didn't seem to like it.

positive review of hyper whey

Almost like you think you can actually force someone to say something like this.

But we're in no way implying that, okay?

All these reviews must be FAKE.

HEY. Remember, we're not saying that our product is doing well. It's *NOT*.
It's almost like you don't believe us or something.

Is it the countless pictures?

Maybe a bit too many, we'll stop now.

positive review of hyper whey

Whoops! Finger slipped...👀

Not sure what THAT was all about.

Kissi nay poora din laga kar photoshop kiye honge.

But clearly, you can see we're a fake brand just like ALL the others, and it's time for you to leave this page now.

Even if this page were to go on to actually sell you this stupid, worthless product...

(which it TOTALLY wouldn't because all whey proteins by local brands are fake)

...why would you keep reading a page that CLEARY wants to sell you something and take your money?

You wouldn't, right? You're a smart guy/gal.

That's why you can close this tab now and leave. Byeeeee!

...didn't we just say you can leave? Bye now!

Bhai jaan, phone theek hay?
Abhi bhi neechay jaata jaa raha.

Aur kuch karnay ko nahi?

We're beginning to think you don't believe us about the broken phone...

...abay yaar, kia masla hai?!

So, you're still here?

You actually want to read this long form sales page?

That's selling you a WHEY PROTEIN product?

Clearly, you're not very smart.

We tried to tell you. It's IMPOSSIBLE to find a genuine whey protein product from a local brand in Pakistan.

But fine. If you INSIST on reading through, be our guest.
Proper sales page commencing in 3....




Say goodbye to bad tasting protein shakes and hello to the BETTER way to have your protein shake!

Dear protein user-who-stubbornly-insisted-on-reading-this-sales-page,

If you've ever spent a ton of money on a protein shake only to find out you hate the way it tastes...

Then this page is going to show you the BEST way (and whey 😉) for solving that.

It's a stupidly simple solution. One that's going to have you thinking:

"Oh lawwwwd, why on earth did I not think of that?"

See we have two products called:

Hyper Whey and FlavBurst.

Hyper Whey: A top-quality, premium-grade, unflavored
whey protein concentrate 80.

FlavBurst: Zero calorie, zero sugar, game changing flavor drops.

How exactly do they work?

It's simple.

  1. Take a scoop of your Hyper Whey.
  2. Choose the beverage of your choice: Milk, or water.
  3. Add a few drops of your FlavBurst of liking (choose between Vanilla, Toffee, Mocha and Strawberry)

And that's IT!

Blend up, and you'll have the perfect customized shake that we guarantee you'll LOVE!

Why unflavored?

You see, we were tired of the commercial brand protein powders and supplements.

You know, the ones who sway you by their flashy marketing and shirtless superstars.

Everyone had the same brand message: 

“Use our protein powder. Get massive muscles like this shirtless dude you see on our page”.

A lot of these powders were SUPER expensive and just tasted pretty darn bad.

A couple of us blokes (now Team PakNaturals) weren't having it and decided to come up with our own clean alternative.

The first step was sourcing the highest quality whey we could get our hands on.

Next, we packaged it without any additives.

Then, finally, we developed these game-changing flavor drops.

The product caught on with people who resonated with our message, and the rest was history.

Are we real?

Baaqioun ko tow barray point maaray hain, but now the question arises:

How can we be sure you guys are real?

Here's the simple answer.

We don't manufacture our whey ourselves. Nor have we ever claimed to.

It's sourced from a leading manufacturer in the USA because whey protein isn't made anywhere in Pakistan.

A lot of you will ask:

"So, who's your manufacturer then, huh?"

A simple question which we would LOVE to tell you.

But here's the thing.

A lot of time, money, and effort was spent in finding this specific manufacturer.

And if we gave it away publicly just like that, that puts us at a disadvantage, doesn't it?

Anyone could source from them, and we'd lose our competitive advantage.

But that’s not a good enough answer. We know.

You can find our certificate of analysis here.

A lot of you will notice that the manufacturer name has been blacked out.

And that's for the reason we just told you above.

But since we still want you to be completely sure you're consuming the right thing...

You can email us at sales@paknaturals.pk asking for the complete unredacted certificates and we'll send them to you, no questions asked.

The Money Back Guarantee

Haan bhai. Abhi bhi yaqeen nahi ho raha?

Can't blame you. With all the scams in online shopping these days, you’re worried we’ll take all your money and send you the fake thing.

Therefore, we’ve made this AS risk free as we CAN.

All Hyper Whey purchases are backed by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Buy it, try it, and if you find ANY issue with it AT ALL...

We'll refund your money, without asking a SINGLE word.

That's how much faith we've got in our product.

And that’s the same faith we want you to have too! 😭


“What basically is Hyper Whey and FlavBurst?”

Socha tha itna likhnay kay baad it would've been pretty clear 😭

But simply put, Hyper Whey is unflavored whey protein concentrate 80.

FlavBurst are zero-calorie, zero-sugar, liquid flavor drops. It adds flavor and sweetness to protein powder as desired.

"How can I know the surety of Hyper Whey?"

We value openness, so we provide the Certificate of Analysis on the product page. This tells you exactly what is in the protein powder, so you can be rest assured what you’re consuming is the real deal.

You'll find several areas such as the manufacturer name redacted. Email us at sales@paknaturals.pk and we'll send you the full thing!

"Where do you get Hyper Whey from?"

To make it extremely clear...

Hyper Whey ISN'T made in Pakistan.

We source it as a raw material from the USA, pack it here locally and ship it right to you.

"What does it taste like?"

The most common feedback we receive is that it has a smoother, cleaner, and more natural taste than other whey protein powders.

Mixed with FlavBurst you get a punch of flavor but without the overbearing sweetness that you find in many protein powders.

Additionally, you will notice that you have very little or no stomach discomfort after drinking our Hyper Whey.
However, this can vary from individual to individual based on lactose intolerance.

"Do you have whey isolate?"

Not yet, but in the works!

By the time you're reading this, we'd have already placed an order for Whey Isolate since we've seen that there's a big demand for it.

However, at the moment, we only have Hyper Whey Concentrate.

Stay tuned though, because it definitely is in the works!


Ahhhh, everyone's favorite part to talk and rant about.

Clearly, people weren't happy with the Rs 8000 price tag when we initially launched.

And the extra amount you have to pay for the FlavBursts wasn't taken all that well either...

What truly stole the show was this suggestion...

My friend, if you can find any REAL whey protein powder for 6k a kg, we'll personally ship this out to you FOR FREE.

Not everyone's aware, but the price of whey has risen exponentially.

Fuel costs, freight costs, COVID, supply chain disruptions, dairy shortage, the list of problems is endless.

Up until June 2022, our plan WAS to introduce whey at an extremely affordable price of Rs 5500.

And at the time, it seemed pretty possible to do so.

But by the time we placed our first order and got the shipment, things changed DRASTICALLY.

Suddenly, if we charged 5.5k, or even 6k for a kilo, there was no way we'd be able to stay in business.

And I'm sure this is the case for ALL of the genuine protein sellers here in Pakistan.

Trust us, we want to make this as affordable as we can, but in order to ensure that you get the best possible product the current price we've decided upon is:

Rs 8000 for Hyper Whey 

Rs 400 for each FlavBurst.

You might be expecting whey concentrate to be cheaper than whey isolate (and ours is!), but here’s the thing….

Most whey concentrates you find on the market are 75% or lower concentration. This is what allows them to be cheaper.

Ours is a solid 80% concentration, hence giving you more bang for your buck.

Look, we won't deny there are legitimate reasons not to buy our Hyper Whey:

  • You still feel like there's no way this brand could be selling authentic whey and they're lying like everyone else.
  • You're getting enough protein from your diet already (in which case, you really don't need ANY protein powder)
  • Rs 8000 is going to put you in serious financial trouble. (in which case, HONESTLY, you shouldn't be looking into buying any supplements at all. Please save up your money in consuming enough real, natural food first)

Otherwise, we've done our best to answer all your questions.

You saw REAL reviews of REAL people who've tried it and admit that it's like nothing they've tried BEFORE.

We've given you the full consent to email us and see our unredacted certificates.

You can't even say that it's a risky transaction because we're literally offering to PAY YOU BACK in case you don't like it.

What else is there to think about?

Anyway, that's our pitch. The ball is in your court now.

You've made it to the end of this VERY long sales page.

If you decide you want it, you can use this button here: